04 Jun Mountain biking in Nicaragua? Here’s how to do it

As any capital city in the world, Managua can get pretty hectic. For locals, there’s always a need to escape from the noise, the work environment, the routine. Some people choose to get a tan at the beach, others head North, and a few (although the community is slowly growing) decide to practice some mountain biking.

For professional and amateur bikers, everything starts with an adrenaline rush. Some say it’s the combination of great friends, stunning views, a very bumpy road on a long trail and, of course, the amazing, traditional Nicaraguan food.

Some people feel connected with the mountains as they bike challenging trails with the sense of complete freedom and focus. Many others call this a sensation, the perfect therapy.

The truth is that every ride is a unique journey

Adam Cohn | Flickr.com | Creative Commons

One day you might be surrounded by a pineapple plantation or perhaps a forest full of singing chocoyos (parakeets). Other days, the trails might take you to the outskirts of an active volcano or into a colonial city. But what appears to be a constant factor is how happily Nicaraguans greet you as you pass along their towns.

In order to prepare for this adventure, we recommend that you gear up correctly. Mountain biking can a be fun sport while the correct precautions are followed:

  • Buy or rent a mountain or trail bike.
  • Buy or rent a helmet that fits you correctly, as well as sporty clothes, sunblock, snacks and, of course, lots of water.
  • Bring córdobas along, as you might get the urge of buying picos (sweet bread), fruits or more water in a nearby pulpería (mom and pops rustic convenience store).
  • If you don’t have a mountain bike you can rent one in a local store near La Bicicleta Hostal, which rate varies from US$ 20-40 dollars per day.


Now that you are ready to go…

Greg Sucharew | Flickr.com | Creative Commons

Keep in mind that you have a variety of options for trails to consider. From Managua, we suggest to start with a few trails that are frequently visited, such as:

      • El Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve
      • La Estación Meteorológica and Ventarrón
      • Los Piñales


It is important to consider that most rides are no less that 30 km long, so the feeling of completing each ride is mind blowing. For us, just after 30 minutes into the ride, our mind wanders outside the city life. Our body and mind sink in and we start listening only the sound of our surroundings like the “chocoyos”, the trees, people passing by, kids playing, and the voice of your friends biking with you.

If you don’t feel like going by yourself and get lost into the Managua trails, at La Bicicleta Hostal, we can help you to set the mountain bike trip and connect you with local fellows that are doing these routes daily. The most popular group is Pro Rider Nicaragua, which has more than 50 people from different expertise level into their daily routes.

Enjoy the ride, and love the freedom!

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