04 Jun You stayed at La Bicicleta Hostal? Thanks for supporting the local economy

When we think of vacations, we rarely reflect on how our adventure contributes and perhaps energizes the economic activity of the community around us. Certainly for some of us, we are happy with simply establishing a relationship with a local, be it over the course of a causal conversation, while sharing a delicious typical Nicaraguan meal, or while you inquiring about what to do in Managua or how to get transportation from Managua to San Juan del Sur. In this article we share with you five ways in which, when staying in La Bicicleta Hostal, you benefited the country.

1. You supported an entrepreneurship project


La Bicicleta Hostal is the business venture of a group of girlfriends that met in highschool, and who seek to generate an honest and simple connection between the Nicaraguan and the tourist. These four entrepreneurs have joined efforts and their knowledge to handle all aspects of this venture that promotes sustainable practices and collective spaces. With their project, they have managed to create a unique business, focused on the quality of the service and products they offer and, above all, to place the name of Nicaragua on high ground.

2. You helped strengthen business collaboration


A tourism project requires teamwork. When visiting La Bicicleta Hostal, you surely requested a transfer service from Managua to San Juan del Sur, you asked where to enjoy a good typical Nicaraguan food, with whom to take a tour around the historical center of the capital, or whether or not you could spend the night in a hostel near the airport. In any case, your requests were fulfilled thanks to the close collaboration that the partners of this small company have with locals and suppliers in the area.

3. You energized the local economy


At night, the area near La Bicicleta Hostal becomes a focal point in the capital, where you can taste typical Nicaraguan foods and drinks, as well as national and artisan beers, enjoy a pleasant conversation with your friends, or perhaps attend a concert or bust out your karaoke skills. Zona Hippos, the area that we talked about in our article about Managua, is approximately a seven minute walk from the hostel, in cool and calm residential area.

4. You promoted Managua as a destination


We have already told you that when you visit the capital, as part of your vacation in Nicaragua, two things can happen: that you love it or you hate it. But in reality, the city is more than a point of passage, and if you dedicate enough time to explore it, you will discover that there are many things to do in Managua. The tour is simple: you can visit the historic center in the morning, the Tiscapa Lagoon at sunset, and bars and restaurants at night, all in one day. And the next day, you can do a tour to the Chocoyero-El Brujo Nature Reserve. With the photographs you publish about these sites, you will surely attract more people to the capital.

5. You motivated others to set up their own tourism businesses


In 2015, La Bicicleta opened its doors to nationals and foreigners looking for a cheap and quality hostel in Managua. The project has been so successful that in January 2017 it won the recognition of Best Hostel in Nicaragua, an award given by Hostel World, a reputed tourism website that links businesses like ours in more than 165 countries. Undoubtedly, the effort of this team, which has already appeared in national television and print reports, has inspired or is inspiring others to fulfill the dream of being entrepreneurs.

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